Village Works works offers excellent, compassionate, knowledgeable, and comprehensive support for additions to the family. We are a community based and client led practice. We believe birth is both a magical and mysterious time where lots of changes occur. We want to help make those changes smoother and less mysterious. We are independent which means we work for you.




$350-$750 Sliding Scale (See FAQ more info on sliding scales)

Price Includes

  • Free Initial Consultation
    • In person meeting to determine if I am the Doula for you.
  • Unlimited Text Communication
  • 2-3 Prenatal Visits and Postpartum visit
  • 24/7 On call from 37 weeks until delivery
  • In Person-In Home labor support until transition to birthing place.
  • Constant physical and emotional support for birthing person AND their support people if applicable.
  • Transforming the birthing space into a scene of your choosing
  • Gift of herbal tea and postpartum bath and body necessities.

******* Ask how I can support you in your HomeBirth!*******


$35-$75 Sliding Scale(See FAQ more info on sliding scales)

Price Includes

  • In person observation and problem solving of nursing issues or concerns.
  • Eyes on Hands off assistance with positioning and latch.
  • Collaboration in setting goals for feeding.
  • Assistance with transitions to work, pumping, milk storage, and stash building.
  • Education and demo’s of foods and herbs to help increase or decrease milk production, engorgement, and soreness.
  • Emergency preparedness: milk safety, storage, hand expression.


**If I am your primary support person I will focus my attention on you and laboring and can not photograph. If there is an additional support person then I may be able to take pictures, during labor and delivery of the baby. Otherwise it will be pictures of the first moments of life together.**


Price Includes

  • Before delivery, at home laboring with support people
  • During labor, beautiful moments preparing for delivery
  • Photo/Video of transition and delivery of infant(s)
  • After delivery, first moments with infant and family, nursing.


-At home photography(45 minutes-1 hour)

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