Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a doula?

  • A doula is a helper and support person for transitions in life. They provide physical, emotional, and educational support to people. In this case I am a labor doula so I accompany parents into birthing settings and help to comfort and assist them before, during, and after delivery.

What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

  • A midwife is a trained medical professional that delivers babies. Midwives have traditionally been the people who have helped laboring people have babies with knowledge passed down throughout generations. They typically follow a more holistic physiological approach than OB’s. A doula is an assistant to the pregnant person, we don’t do medical things like check blood pressure, dilation, or “catch” babies.

I’m not having a natural or homebirth why do I need a doula?

  • I support people in all types of birth. My job is to do all that I can to make sure your birth is a positive experience and you have all the information you want to make decisions. My clients have had epidurals, cesareans, natural birth, and all things in between. My job has been to help you and your partner prepare and feel safe and as comfortable as possible during labor.

How early do I need to hire a doula? 

  • Several factors go into this decision. How busy is the doula? You may need to book early to make sure they are available for  your due date. How much birth education you want? First time parents may want to get all the information, while experienced parents may know the things and therefore can skip the education parts. I would say its never too early, however prenatal meetings for me start around the 5th or 6th month.

I don’t want to exclude my partner, they want to be a part of the birth.

  • That is GREAT!! As a doula I am there for you and your partner. I can help guide your partner how to help and comfort you, relieve them when they need a break. I encourage partners to do as much as they are comfortable with.

What can doulas do for LGBTQ+ families?

  • Here at Village Works we understand that the healthcare system is full of biased folks and that it is especially difficult to have a positive experience when you have to be on guard or defend yourselves and family. That is where I step in. I will make sure to take that pressure off of you and your partner and family. Using preferred names of body parts, titles, pronouns and speaking with staff to make sure that they do. You should not have to fear or feel uncomfortable during this joyous time in your life.

I see you say sliding scale, what does that mean?

  • It means I will never not support someone in labor because they can not afford the services. The services that I offer are the same regardless of the amount paid. Sliding scale allows you to still hire me and pay what you can afford. I strongly believe in abundance and there is enough out there for everyone. So please if you want to have a doula you should have one. Everyone deserves support.

How does sliding scale work?

  • You say this is what I can afford(or I can’t afford anything). I say ok nice to meet you, let’s talk about your pregnancy.

What about barter?

  • I love bartering!! If you have a skill or product we can talk! Do you do yoga, make things, build stuff, photography, have a store discount? Ha ha ha… no but seriously in a village there are folks who do everything and I intend to foster and encourage that.

What qualifies you to offer lactation support?

  • I have been tested and awarded as a Certified Lactation Consultant through the American National Standards Institute. I also have several years experience as a community Lactation support person along with personal experience as parent who exclusively pumped for 4 months and then nursed on breast for 14 additional months.